Our Fire Apparatus
  1. 33 Rescue
    33 Rescue
  2. 33 Engine 2
    33 Engine 2
  3. 33 Engine 1
    33 Engine 1
  4. 33 Tanker
    33 Tanker
  5. 33 Brush
    33 Brush
  6. 33 Support
    33 Support
Our Ambulance
  1. 33 Ambulance - Front
  2. 33 Ambulance - Side
MFD Training
The Pike County Training Center - Flashover Simulator.
A flashover is a transitional phase that happens between the growth stage and the fully developed stage of a fire. During a flashover, all the objects within a space are heated to their ignition point. Auto ignition of all the contents, including the smoke, occurs in the room almost instantaneously, and the entire space is consumed by fire. The flashover simulator does not actually produce a “true” flashover, it does provide an excellent opportunity to learn and recognize the signs of an impending flashover and how to effectively prevent it.
Milford FD members attended this training in June of 2017.